Tesla Stock Surges as Excitement Builds Around the Cybertruck

Tesla's stock price continues to rise, with the recent surge attributed to the anticipated Cybertruck. Learn more about the factors contributing to this upward trend.


Tesla's stock (TSLA) has once again experienced a significant surge, and this time it can be attributed to the upcoming release of the Cybertruck. While opinions differ on the exact cause, the excitement surrounding Tesla's futuristic electric pickup truck is a driving force behind the recent rally. This article explores the factors contributing to the surge and sheds light on the Cybertruck's potential impact on Tesla's future.

Section 1: Tesla Stock Continues Impressive Rally

Tesla's shares have been on a remarkable streak, marking their 10th consecutive day of gains. On Thursday, the stock rose by $10.29, amounting to a 4.6% increase, and closed at $234.86. In comparison, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite rose by 0.6% and 1%, showcasing Tesla's exceptional performance.

Section 2: Cyber Truck as a Catalyst for Growth

The recent surge in Tesla's stock can be partly attributed to the anticipation surrounding the Cybertruck. Despite differing opinions, many market analysts believe that Cybertruck's potential is a key factor driving the stock's upward trajectory. Electrek, a reliable source for Tesla-related news, reported that Tesla plans to produce a staggering 375,000 Cybertrucks annually. This projection far exceeds Wall Street's estimates, which predict fewer than 100,000 units by 2024 and approximately 240,000 units by 2027.

Tesla Cybertruck

Section 3: The Significance of the Cybertruck's Potential

The projected production volume of 375,000 Cybertrucks is a significant development for Tesla. To put it into perspective, Tesla sold roughly 252,000 Model Ys in the U.S. in 2022. As a North American product, the Cybertruck has the potential to reshape the electric vehicle market in the region. But, Tesla has not yet commented on the reported Cybertruck production plans.

Section 4: More Factors Influencing Tesla's Rally

While the Cybertruck plays a vital role, there are other contributing factors behind Tesla's ongoing rally. One notable development was the restoration of the full $7,500 tax credit for Model 3 sedans, which occurred earlier in the week. This news resonated with retail investors, who hold a higher percentage of Tesla stock compared to other mega cap stocks. The positive response from retail investors, is evident in a Twitter poll conducted by Future Fund Active ETF co-founder Gary Black. They suggest that the lingering effects of the tax credit news cannot be ignored.

Section 5: Assessing Tesla's Stock Performance

As Tesla's stock continues to surge, it is important to exercise caution and recognize potential risks. The stock is currently trading well above its 200-day moving average, indicating that it may be overbought. Being overbought implies that the stock's value has risen and may be susceptible to short-term risks. But, at present, investors are focused on the potential rewards associated with Cybertruck's success.


Tesla's stock price attributed to the anticipation surrounding the awaited Cybertruck. The projected production volume and the positive response from retail investors. It also highlights the market's enthusiasm for this groundbreaking electric pickup truck. While the stock's performance appears stretched and carries short-term risks. Investors remain optimistic about the future impact of the Cybertruck on Tesla's growth. 

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