EU Regulators Push for Google to Divest Part of Advertising-Technology Business

Antitrust authorities in the European Union (EU) are getting ready to file a complaint against Alphabet Inc., Google's parent company to address allegations of anti-competitive behavior and limit the tech giant's sway over the digital advertising market. This potential regulatory action might lead to sizeable fines or even compel Google to sell a part of its ad-tech division.

Section 1: The European Commission's Antitrust Complaint

On 14 June, the European Commission, the top antitrust watchdog in the EU, is expected to issue a formal complaint against Google. The complaint seeks to lessen the company's hegemonic control over online advertising. 

Section 2: Google's Dominance and Antitrust Investigations

Google's position as a dominant force in online advertising has faced increasing scrutiny in recent years. Rival companies have lodged complaints about the alleged anti-competitive practices employed by Google. It is leading to antitrust investigations across different continents.

With concerns over Google's monopolistic position, the European Commission launched an investigation into the company's extensive involvement at various levels of the online display advertising supply chain in 2022. Despite these concerns, Google has thus far failed to address the competition-related issues.

EU regulators urge Google to divest some of its advertising business

Section 3: Significance of Google's Advertising Business

The most lucrative part of Google's business is its advertising division, which accounts for about 80% of its annual revenue. The company's staggering $225 billion in ad sales in 2022 demonstrated the enormous financial significance of its advertising activities.

Section 4: International Scrutiny and US Lawsuit

Also to the EU's impending antitrust complaint, Google is also facing legal challenges in the United States. Earlier this year, US regulators filed an ad tech lawsuit against the tech giant, calling for the divestment of its ad manager suite. The lawsuit alleges that Google exploited its dominance in online advertising. Google has denied any wrongdoing in this regard.


The advertising-technology division of the tech giant Google may be sold off as EU regulators prepare to file an antitrust complaint against it. Concerns about Google's monopolistic practices and its hold on the digital advertising market are being addressed by this regulatory action. The result of these proceedings will have a big impact on Google's operations and the online advertising landscape.

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